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Awareness Through Movement Classes

Feldenkrais based movement technique will help you reconnect with your body and learn ways to move with greater efficiency.

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  • Unlock movement patterns & change your habits from the core
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What do experts say about us?

Charlie Brittain

Advanced Clinical Sports Therapist | Musculoskeletal Health Specialist

I have worked with Meytal both as her client and professional colleague for many years now. Meytal is one of my top recommendations for my own clientele when it comes to movement re-education, movement dysfunction, proprioception and body awareness. In my experience, and the experience of the clients whom I’ve referred to Meytal, her approach to movement education and restoration can be incredibly beneficial for an array of physical limitations such as injury or postural dysfunction; the work can benefit anyone wishing to improve their mental and physical well-being, posture, flexibility, mobility, coordination and motor learning skills, and more. Meytal is truly an expert in her field and an exemplary teacher and coach - I’d urge anyone that has the possibility to take classes with her to do so.

Tamir Epstein

M.D. Psychiatrist

Meytal's Body Awareness lessons have a huge potential to greatly enhance physical and emotional well-being. The classes are essentially a form of meditation in movement, and as such, contribute to reducing stress and anxiety, and instill a general sense of ease in the body and mind. I would highly recommend these classes to anyone looking to reconnect to their body and explore the real life benefits of somatic bodywork and meditation.

Hi there,

My name is Meytal Blanaru, I’m a contemporary dancer & choreographer, a certified Feldenkrais® teacher and a proud body nerd.

My meeting with the Feldenkrais Method changed my life in every possible way. A past car accident left me with a chronic back injury, unable to dance. Feldenkrais was a last resource - not only did it heal me profoundly, but it also helped me gain such freedom and ease of motion in ways I never even imagined were possible. It improved every aspect of my dancing skills and taught me to deeply reconnect to my body with such kindness, playfulness and child-like curiosity. This became my deep motivation in teaching, or my life’s purpose - to enable and support others through a similar process.

Today’s world confronts us daily with a flood of stimulations and stressors in a race that never ends. We often end up feeling stressed, disconnected from our body, or suffer from physical limitations, discomforts and chronic pain. These classes are an offering to take a moment and leave all the noise behind, to discover just how profound, miraculous and healing movement can be. 

the benefits

Overcoming pain, limitations & injuries

Replacing pain-causing movement patterns

Deep relaxation and inner calm

Reconnecting to your body on a profound level

Improving physical abilities, posture, flexibility and mobility

Maintaining healthy physical abilities as we age

What do our students say about the classes?

Yorrith De Bakker

After just days of practicing Meytal's hip joint class, I started taking my first steps without the assistance of a wheelchair or crouches...

Meytal's teachings have helped me to be patient and compassionate towards a body that failed me dramatically. After my stroke that resulted in left side paralysis, I felt I lost perspective. As a professional dancer I woke up to an absolute nightmare. Our shared love for dance and somatic research changed my rehabilitation process into so...

Zsófi Fekete

Attending the workshop was life-changing for me, a wonderful memory that I will never Forget!

For the first time, I took Fathom High classes on Deltebre Dansa Festival in Spain, where Meytal was teaching our group for five days in the mornings. I clearly remember how exhausted I was when I arrived to the festival, and then how that tiredness could suddenly disappear, from one moment to the other, taken over by the excitement and c...

Silvia Marson

... one of the strongest experiences for my body, my brain and my soul.

My first experience with FATHOM HIGH was really strong, it changed me deeply, in how I dance and in my everyday life. I didn't know the Feldenkrais method before and I came to the workshop without any expectation. From the beginning I felt something powerful happening in me. At the end of the day I was simply exhausted because my "system"...

Lut Van Malderen

"...the doctors couldn't really help me. But Feldenkrais does.. It's very healing... I feel reborn..."
"I'm very happy that the Feldenkrais classes have come into my life. I've been suffering for many years from back pain (due to a slipped disc). I went to therapy, took medication, but in the end the doctors couldn't really help me. But Feldenkrais does, and it does so in a flexible way by doing simple exercises. This happens in harmony w...

Celine Van der Haegen

...I was just a witness of this amazing intelligence of the body acting naturally on its own...

When I first encounter Meytal’s work 8 years ago, I had a lot of resistance with the slowness and high concentration it demands. But when I joined my dance classes every evening after morning practicing Fathom High my body was astonishingly different. I was a very tonic and muscular person and I could taste such a softeness, fluidity and ...

Dagmar Dachauer

...it has a very immediate and deep therapeutic effect...
Working with Meytal has been and keeps being enormously helpful, not only in the course of my recovery from a severe back injury. At the same time as it has a very immediate and deep therapeutic effect (for instance pain release and a quick integration into movement patterns that were less efficient before), it also opened up a very inspi...

Gabriela Cecena

"Never before have i felt so aware, sensitive and curious about my body."
“I had the chance to meet Meytal in 2013. It was immediately clear to me that Meytal had developed a really unique, specific, deep and interesting way to approach movement. Never before have i felt so aware, sensitive and curious about my body. The structure of her classes focuses on finding your own way and discovering new impulses. She ...

Alice Van Der Wielen-Honinckx

"Each time I work with Meytal my world changes a little..."

Each time I work with Meytal my world changes a little. Her classes taught me it is possible to really involve not only my whole body but my whole being in movement. According to me, this work asks the mind to enter a very unusual kind of listening that is at the same time focused and full of ease, curiosity and playfulness. I felt areas ...

Suzana Kajba

"... I just cried a little bit after the lesson... so touching and miraculous..."
“I just cried a little bit after the lesson. so touching and miraculous, hearing Meytal's voice guiding us with such soft, natural rhythm and deep peace. as if we, actually, we do always come back to our potential natural human being, just being in the body”....

Marie Sinna

“I was struggling with a back ache for over 15 years... With Meytal's classes I felt much better, very fast actually."
“I was struggling with a back ache for over 15 years. I tried many different methods, and nothing was helping me. When I started Meytal’s classes I felt a big difference. With simple exercises, I felt much better, very fast actually”....

Priscilla Pizziol

Thanks to the authentic generosity of Meytal and her deep understanding of the method, Feldenkrais has become an extraordinarily nourishing part of my life.

The weekly online classes with Meytal are such an important time of the week. This hour becomes the opportunity to draw my gaze inside, observing how I am on a physical, mental and emotional level. The most beautiful thing about it Is that there Is no aim to "solve" or "change" anything that arises and yet, after every class, I feel so di...

Sylvie Prouveur

"...rediscover the joy of being in harmony... Precious."
"The class was like a journey within my own body and mind, letting them rediscover the joy of being in harmony. It is so nice after all the questions and destruction one faces when going through cancer treatments and their side-effects. Meytal's comments and voice are precious and I am so so grateful to be in the class! Thank you so much,...

Zoe Coudougnan

"...A really deep and moving experience..."
"Working with Meytal has been a really deep and moving experience for me. Through this work I could discover and become aware of feelings and parts of myself that we usually don't pay attention to in our daily life. It's helpful to me because it gives more importance to the pathway - the inner journey the body and mind are going through, ...

Tara Appriou

"Meytal allows you to create your own playground."
"Participating in a lesson with Meytal is, in the first place, entering her world - being enveloped in her voice, intonations, in an atmosphere. The choice of words and their resonance in your own body, the way different tones activate sensibilities in various body parts…..But, very soon, it becomes your own world. You enter in her steps ...

Douwe Nutterts

"... Truly an adventure in the mystery and delight of the body."
"The weekly classes have been a true physical education, they teach me how to move in a new way. Instead of only using force and muscle they reveal to me how I can move in a new way by shifting weight. My body has become much more flexible and the way I move and walk has shifted over time. The classes have made me aware then when I move ...

Roz Wythes

... physical meditation... Meytal draws on her own deep body knowledge and current inspirations that keep the lessons fresh.

"Classes with Meytal are a physical meditation. It is a space and time where I move into the present moment to feel the physical sensations that are present and how they manifest in playful expression that day. Practically, her instructions are clear and easy to follow and her soothing voice offers an embracing aural space. It is very app...

Delphine Mertens

"... It is thrilling to discover Meytal's choreographic universe which she shares so generously."

"FATHOM HIGH has been a very important discovery in my career. As intense connections are created within my body (my muscles and my neurons are tucked into a deep and constructive activity...!) But also between different facets of my life (as an artist and as a teacher). Above all, to work with Meytal is a great moment of pleasure: we rec...

Julie Compans

A great escape.."
“It’s a great escape, to slow down, to stop doing. To listen and enjoy the beginning of movement. I really feel space, time and freedom. It’s also a way for me to connect with the source of energy in my body, and see how the process operate by itself at a deep level. Sometimes when I am tired I do the class and it brings me home naturally...

Aline Combe

“...My encounter with FATHOM HIGH has been liberating...”
“My encounter with FATHOM HIGH has been liberating: I discovered there is a path where my only duty was to keep being curious about my own body and its functioning. I didn’t have to make it enter into a shape, I just had to observe and play with it. The work that Meytal proposes made me understand how this “Feldenkrais-perspective” can no...

Lena Bagutti

It has been a significant tool for my personal understanding of my moving body...

FATHOM HIGH has been so inspiring for me and took an important part in my dance approach and development. By breaking habitual paths of movement, this work opened up for me more possibilities and helped me in facing technique issues in a more serene and conscious way. It has been a significant tool for my personal understanding of my movi...

Louis Nam De Van Ho

Many Feldenkrais classes later the secret was that she... 
I saw Meytal perform her solo work Rain.Leaning on the sidewall, she patiently watches people in the audience take their seats.She starts walking toward the center/front of stage, still looking at us.Her gaze is quiet and transparent.Something in her lower body is moving.Her feet and knees, they shifted position but there are no longer mo...
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The Science

ATM classes make a difference where it counts the most - in our brains! Based on the science of neuroplasticity, the classes use proved strategies that re-wire our movement patterns and change our habits from the core. It does so by entering a mindful state where learning is done with a sensation of constant child-like discovery, much in the same way that a baby discovers a movement for the first time.

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Here’s what you’ll get:

Access to weekly online lessons

Working in depth with Meytal in weekly online classes, where you can be followed by a professional to best support your individual needs. Out of consideration to different time zones, the classes take place on Tuesdays at: 19h-20h Central EU Time / 10h-11h Pacific Time / 13h-14h Eastern Time.

Are you concerned about committing to attending every week or you can’t make it?

No problem! All the classes are recorded and uploaded to the digital Library. This allows students the freedom to miss classes and catch up on them later, while maintaining access to all past classes and occasional bonus classes that are uploaded. With the wish to make this practice easy and adjustable, some people attend the classes via Zoom, while others do them in the Library! 

Full access to a comprehensive digital library of classes for body awareness

Practice at your own pace, any day, any time! With a new class uploaded each week by Wednesdays, the digital Library is organized by themes that tackle different physical needs and challenges. It’s designed to offer a friendly and smooth user experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What actually happens in a class? What should I expect?

In a class the students are led through a series of slow, meditative movements, gradually cultivating a mindful, deeply relaxed state. Most classes take place while lying down on a mat on the floor, or in sitting. Each class is 1 hour long.

How does Feldenkrais help you recover from injury?

Feldenkrais shows remarkable results for injury rehabilitation and improvement of different cognitive skills, posture and overall mobility. So, how come?

To answer that, let’s first look at why we get injured in the first place. Most injuries occur over time, due to disadvantageous use of our body and an intricate system of compensate. But why do we get injured in one part and not in another? We all have different parts that are more vulnerable and prone to injuries. 

Am I expected to attend the online class every week?

No. Since all the classes are recorded and uploaded to the digital library, you won’t miss a thing! Some students prefer to attend and practice in real time, while others choose to practice in their own time and space. Some do both. The idea behind this initiative is that it stays flexible and accessible to your needs and circumstances!

Can I do a class in any setting?

Yes, absolutely! That’s the fun and beauty of it. All you need is enough space to lie down on the floor, close your eyes and dive into your body…!

What do I need for a class? Any specific type of equipment?

You’ll need a yoga mat or a comfortable blanket to lie on. In some instances you might want to have 2 pillows available, in case you’ll need support for your head or legs. It’s recommended to wear comfortable clothes that don’t restrict your movement.

How old should I be to start a class?

There is no age limit, people can attend the classes and benefit equally at any age.

How do I cancel my membership?

If you wish to discontinue your membership, no problem! Just drop us a line at: fathom.high@gmail.com and we will stop all future payments!

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