Walk freely 

in the world. 'Make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant'. - Moshe Feldenkrais

The library includes:

  • A big collection of +100 audio Awareness Through Movement classes

  • With 1 new class added each week by Wednesday

  • From January 2023 - a section for dancers and movement lovers, of FATHOM HIGH shorter classes/exercises

For easy navigation, the classes are organized by different themes such as: shoulder mobility, hip joint mobility, Back Relief, For lower back tension, etc. 

Why Recordings?

A big part of my personal journey with this practice took place while working mainly with recordings (of Moshe Feldenkrais and of my beloved teachers that were living far away). In this practice the teacher is ‘just a voice’ that guides us, never demonstrating a movement. The whole idea is that we each tap into our singular way of executing a movement, free from the constraints of seeing or imitating others. Because we can only learn, change and grow from who WE are.

Who is this for?

  • For people of all ages and all walks of life that wish to improve their mobility, flexibility, balance and posture, and learn to walk & move freely in the world.

  • For individuals that suffer from aches/chronic pain/discomfort or injury and wish to learn to move more healthily and pain free, as well as to take practical actions towards injury prevention.

  • For dancers & movement lovers that wish to master the craft of the moving body.

  • For individuals that wish to develop their self practice but often feel blocked or unsure where and how to start (as this format can offer substantial support for individual self practice)

  • For people that wish to study with Meytal, but cannot make it to the online classes or the live workshops.

What are the advantages of this form of practice?

  • A deeper level of intimacy - as no one is watching, it's sometimes easier to shift from an outside perspective of our bodies to an inner, more connected one.

  • A strong sense of autonomy towards self practice within a safe, guided space. We can practice when/where we want or repeat classes that were particularly meaningful for us. Doing so while benefiting from practicing outside our habitual frame of the studio, and all the habits it entails.

The Library classes help gaining:

  • Breaking old movement patterns, physical ruts or frustrating loops we often find ourselves in

  • Overcome pain and limitation, gaining a healthier, smarter alignment to prevent injuries

  • Meeting our body with a beginner's mind, with child-like curiosity that makes the practice kinder, happier and healthier, thus more sustainable.

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What do students say about the library?

Yorrith De Bakker

After just days of practicing Meytal's hip joint class, I started taking my first steps without the assistance of a wheelchair or crouches...

Meytal's teachings have helped me to be patient and compassionate towards a body that failed me dramatically. After my stroke that resulted in left side paralysis, I felt I lost perspective. As a professional dancer I woke up to an absolute nightmare. Our shared love for dance and somatic research changed my rehabilitation process into so...

Lut Van Malderen

"...the doctors couldn't really help me. But Feldenkrais does.. It's very healing... I feel reborn..."
"I'm very happy that the Feldenkrais classes have come into my life. I've been suffering for many years from back pain (due to a slipped disc). I went to therapy, took medication, but in the end the doctors couldn't really help me. But Feldenkrais does, and it does so in a flexible way by doing simple exercises. This happens in harmony w...

Celine Van der Haegen

...I was just a witness of this amazing intelligence of the body acting naturally on its own...

When I first encounter Meytal’s work 8 years ago, I had a lot of resistance with the slowness and high concentration it demands. But when I joined my dance classes every evening after morning practicing Fathom High my body was astonishingly different. I was a very tonic and muscular person and I could taste such a softeness, fluidity and ...

Suzana Kajba

"... I just cried a little bit after the lesson... so touching and miraculous..."
“I just cried a little bit after the lesson. so touching and miraculous, hearing Meytal's voice guiding us with such soft, natural rhythm and deep peace. as if we, actually, we do always come back to our potential natural human being, just being in the body”....

Marie Sinna

“I was struggling with a back ache for over 15 years... With Meytal's classes I felt much better, very fast actually."
“I was struggling with a back ache for over 15 years. I tried many different methods, and nothing was helping me. When I started Meytal’s classes I felt a big difference. With simple exercises, I felt much better, very fast actually”....
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