Celine Van der Haegen

...I was just a witness of this amazing intelligence of the body acting naturally on its own...

When I first encounter Meytal’s work 8 years ago, I had a lot of resistance with the slowness and high concentration it demands. But when I joined my dance classes every evening after morning practicing Fathom High my body was astonishingly different. I was a very tonic and muscular person and I could taste such a softeness, fluidity and sensation of enjoying deeply my body while dancing. Also the coordination was a terrible challenge for me and everyday after practicing Fathom High without any will or intention my limbs could finally move together very harmoniously. I was just a witness of this amazing intelligence of the body acting naturally on its own. I felt related to the floor, to my environment but most of all to myself. A lot of emotions came out of my body when I worked one week intensively in a workshop of Meytal. But they were so meaningful. 

Feldenkrais is really a tool to meet yourself through your body in a very authentic way so I decided to study in Germany Feldenkrais method and become a teacher. I teach in dance school and theater school but I keep my practice very alive so I work about 4 to 5 hour every week with Meytal’s online audio recordings alone. She is my master, the softness of her voice, the subtle details of her practice are golden keys that keep on opening my body in new ways every time I listen to her. We are vibrations, and the extreme beauty of her voice and presence in the body is directly speaking to the flesh, changing the quality of the tissues, offering images that has the power and the magic to transform oneself. It’s from the bottom of my heart that I warmly invite people to discover her work, she is a very precious jewel. 

Following her ongoing participation in Fathom HIGH workshops and classes, Celine completed her studies to become a certified Feldenkrais teacher!