Louis Nam De Van Ho

Many Feldenkrais classes later the secret was that she... 

I saw Meytal perform her solo work Rain.
Leaning on the sidewall, she patiently watches people in the audience take their seats.
She starts walking toward the center/front of stage, still looking at us.
Her gaze is quiet and transparent.
Something in her lower body is moving.
Her feet and knees, they shifted position but there are no longer moving.
The cause of the movement is a little higher. 
I look at her pelvis, it pulses in a way that I can’t figure out.
Minutes later, there is a body in front of us that is dancing at 10 different tempi at the same time. Everything pulses and bounces in all directions, yet the top of her head does not change level. Meanwhile, she continues looking at each member of the audience, softly keeping the eye contact. How can she tune in and out at the same time ?

« Hello everyone, and hello everyone in the recording. We gonna start laying down on the back. »

Many Feldenkrais classes later. The secret was that she…