Zsófi Fekete

Attending the workshop was life-changing for me, a wonderful memory that I will never Forget!

For the first time, I took Fathom High classes on Deltebre Dansa Festival in Spain, where Meytal was teaching our group for five days in the mornings. I clearly remember how exhausted I was when I arrived to the festival, and then how that tiredness could suddenly disappear, from one moment to the other, taken over by the excitement and curiosity which Fathom High brought me. I didn’t know what to expect from the lessons and I didn’t really understand what was happening, but I enjoyed every moment! I felt very safe, as if I had arrived home. I sensed that this was something I’d been looking for. Strangely, it also felt as if I’d always been doing this: listening to my body in this particular way, „moving in order to ask questions“. But this was the first time in my life that I felt I had the “permission” to do so and that it was even valuable thing. Meytal creates an atmosphere where there is no place for judgement, where you can be who you are in the present moment (what else matters, after all?), where you can feel free to explore whatever calls you the most. As a dancer, I’ve been extremely anxious when it came to improvisation, but in the Fathom High workshops I don’t need to worry about anything. Once the free-improvisation part of the workshop comes, I’m already loaded with so much information that I can just let those flow through me, or other times I naturally know what I want to go for in order to explore the new state of myself - my body and my mind. After the festival my curiosity just kept growing, therefore, a month later I travelled to Brussels to participate in a 3-day intensive Fathom High workshop. The intimate and open space there allowed me to dive into the method, to build a deeper understanding, to give space for new sensations, ideas and intuitions. Attending the workshop was life-changing for me, a wonderful memory that I will never Forget!

(Following her ongoing participation in Fathom HIGH workshops and classes, Zsofia started her studies to become a certified Feldenkrais teacher!)