Creates a bond between audience and performers stronger than i have felt for a long time
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... Profound... Warm, understated meditation on community restored

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Ray is Scottish Dance Theatre’s latest creation by Brussels-based choreographer Meytal Blanaru. The work explores the phenomena of Emergence, as it ventures on a quest for a deep, collective, shared physical experience, one that tries to bridge between bodies and sweep people far beyond the intellect’s words, ideas and constructions, into a space where people can potentially meet, in a different way.


Concept and Direction Meytal Blanaru

Choreography Meytal Blanaru in collaboration with the performers

Music Benjamin Sauzereau

Lighting Design Emma Jones

Costume Design Meytal Blanaru in collaboration with Cate Mackie

Performed by Kieran Brown, Glenda Gheller, Thomas Goodwin, Ben McEwen, Adrienne O’Leary, Jessie Roberts-Smith, Pauline Torzuoli, Solène Weinachter